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Your Tao Foot Spa Experience

AA-img_6830_LOWRresThe day’s almost over.  Your nerves are shot and your feet are aching.  You need to relax, but how?  Where?

Tao Foot Spa, A Reflexology Lounge has been custom designed for your needs.  Located in downtown Boca Raton, Florida, it offers tired feet, backs and souls a truly rejuvenating mind and foot relaxing experience.  From the moment you enter our elegant and peaceful Reflexology Lounge, your nerves calm, the stress of your day subsides, and you succumb to the tranquility of Tao Foot Spa’s world.

You remove your shoes or sandals.  Peaceful music soothes you while your feet soak in a wooden tub of Tao Foot Spa’s exclusive hot, mineral-infused elixir.  Gently, one of our therapists begins to massage your shoulders, back and neck. Your journey to heaven has begun.

Once your body is relaxed, your feet are dried and you settle back into one of our special reflexology reclining lounges.  Warm, clean towels surround you, as your experienced therapist sits before you and begins to knead your feet and calves.  At once, you are enveloped by music, tranquility and pleasure.  The stress of your frenetic day is gone.

An hour later you are rested and relaxed.  “Could someone just carry me home,” you wish, as you plan your next visit to Tao Foot Spa.  A small price to pay for Nirvana.  Indulge yourself.  Call us for an appointment today.

WARNING:  You may find that you’ve taken a short, rejuvenating nap at Tao Foot Spa, as well.

“At once, you are enveloped by music, tranquility and pleasure….”